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Bike on bus in Croatia

Bike on bus in Croatia

Is it possible to bring your bike on a bus in Croatia? 

There is no generic answer to that question, as the bus service is operated in Croatia is operated by 40-50 different companies, which all have various rules for bringing a bike.
From our experience, working with the bus companies the tombs rule are the following:

  1. During July and August most companies do not accept bikes, or will not guarantee you there is space on a certain departure, which usually means, you will have to go to the bus station and ask the drivers. The exception is if you are travelling at non peak time.
  2. At other times of year it is normally possible to bring a bike if there is space on the bus.

Where do they put the bike?

  • On regular scheduled bus lines, the bikes go to the hold of the bus.

What does it cost to bring a bike?

  • As mention above the bus service is operated by many different companies, each of them has different prices for the bike transportation, on the most common routes the price usually is between 8-30 Kuna.

We are a group travelling with bikes; can we go with the bus?

  • Yes you can, but in that case you for sure need to pre-arrange everything up front, some of companies have special equipment for transporting a larger number of bikes.

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